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If you like what I do with GPNZ and want to show your support, this is the product for you.

Here's just a couple of things I've made over the years:

  • The GPNZ website
  • The weight estimation calculator, used by people all around the world
  • Free downloads and resources
  • Blog posts
  • GPNZ Crew newsletter

As a small time content creator, it's great to see people loving the content and using it. Being in such a small niche, I'm never going to crack millions of views or downloads, I'm OK with that.

But there are some ongoing costs I have to cover.

The main one is web hosting. It costs money to run a website.

While 99% of all my content is free, I'm going to put up some paid products that took me a while to put together. Like the Guide to Running a Pumpkin Event.

I have other things in the works as well.

This support product gives you:

  • A downloadable certificate you can print out. It's sure to be a talking point to anyone that sees it. (And it's WAY fancier than the image shown here)
  • Warm fuzzies on the inside as you support a small content creator from NZ

Your support helps me:

  • Pay for ongoing website hosting and domain costs
  • Upgrade equipment and tools used to grow pumpkins and make content
  • Helps me get to pumpkin events around the country

Thanks so much in advance if you are purchasing this or something else from the online shop.

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