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Hi, if you're reading this and trying to find some giant pumpkin seeds to grow, that is awesome. You are awesome.

But here's the thing: it's hard to get good seeds to supply. And seeds can be unpredictable.

First problem: Seeds can't easily be imported into the country.

New Zealand is great, but we are a small island nation at the bottom of the world. We have to protect our crops. So a while ago now the rules on importing seeds changed. Which made things harder for giant pumpkin growers.

I have a whole page explaining it and where we are now. Have a read and get caught up on why we can't get world class seeds into the country.

Second Problem: Giant pumpkin seeds can be unpredictable 

  1. You never know how many seeds you may get out of a giant pumpkin until you crack it open. I've seen NZ record pumpkins have no seeds inside.
  2. Let's say you get 100 seeds out of a pumpkin. Out of that 100, you don't know how many of them are viable and will grow. Hopefully, a high percentage.
  3. Over time, that percentage could drop. Every year, more of those seeds might stop growing.
  4. People might not start the seeds the same. What grows for one person might not grow for another.

All of this means things can be unpredictable.

And yes, you can test the seeds and see how many germinate. But you can't test all of them and then sell them. So no matter the seed, the age, or the grower, there is always some risk involved. It's the nature of the giant pumpkin growing world.

Currently, I don't have any super recent, great quality, good genetic seeds on hand. There's only so many I can get my hands on locally here in NZ.

But... I do have a lot of older seeds.

What I'm Offering:

  • I'll send you 1 giant pumpkin seed with known genetics
  • It could be from any year or any grower

In return, you realise it might not grow at all. (hence the low price)

Think of this to support GPNZ and what I'm doing, getting a giant pumpkin seed that might grow, or might not.

If that sounds like too much of a risk and you'd rather just want to show your support. Check out the Support GPNZ Product.

I hope to have more giant pumpkin seeds on the website in the future.

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