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Another great pumpkin from Tim Harris.

The interesting thing about this pumpkin is that due to the local event not happening in 2023 this pumpkin hardly received any attention. With a patch full of weeds and watering kept to 1 sprinkler this pumpkin still grew to an amazing 694kg pumpkin.

With more attention the possibility of cracking 800kg was there.

A great option for people wanting to take their giant pumpkin growing to the next level.

As with all seeds here's my disclaimer:
Giant pumpkin seeds can be unpredictable

1. You never know how many seeds you may get out of a giant pumpkin until you crack it open. I've seen NZ record pumpkins have no seeds inside.
2. Let's say you get 100 seeds out of a pumpkin. Out of that 100, you don't know how many of them are viable and will grow. Hopefully, a high percentage.
3. Over time, that percentage could drop. Every year, more of those seeds might stop growing.
4. People might not start the seeds the same. What grows for one person might not grow for another

If you keen to grow, grab your seeds now before they run out.

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